Game Server Setup Help

Having trouble setting up your penguin with our game server? We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help.

  • Getting a Connection Error? You’ve entered your endpoint incorrectly! Double-check there are no spaces or line breaks before or after in the Game Server setting. Double-check our domain after your unique code is
  • Can’t see other penguins? The server could be empty right now. We recommend playing on the English world of Alpine. If you’ve logged into another language initially, you can go to Alpine by switching to another English world then going to Alpine.
  • Empty World List? This is a known issue! The Game Server does not currently connect to the World List – so this is why all worlds are empty. If you’re seeing a green dot there, then you’re playing offline!
  • Still having issues? Your setup could have timed out. This happens after not being able to get started on the server after an extended period of time. We often try to reset these on your behalf where we can, but if you’re still having trouble, get in touch!

Got an issue that’s not listed here? We’re happy to help! Get in touch with our team if you have any questions or feedback.