Join the Island

Set sail for the Island!

We’re so excited for you to join us on Club Penguin Island Forever! Register your penguin and learn more about the server right here.


Join the Island

Step 1: Sign in with Twitter to register your penguin on our website.
Step 2: Check your Twitter DMs soon for help with setup.
Step 3: Waddle around and play with your friends again!

What’s on the server?

• An amazing community of penguins just like you
Chatting with your friends
Rock out with Gear and Party Supplies
Sharing food with other penguins

What’s not on the server?

Viewing playercards (this will glitch your game)
• Collecting collectibles
• Some multiplayer mini-game and Fishing
• Visiting another penguin’s igloo

An educational experiment

Club Penguin Island Forever is a game server powered by SmartFoxServer operated as part of a project on game servers. We’ll sometimes collect information about how the server is performing as part of this, but never profile or track you.
Learn more about privacy in our Privacy Policy.