Known bugs and fixes

Viewing another player’s playercard will cause you to become a non-member: Don’t worry – this is just a temporary glitch. Please do avoid clicking on another player, but if you happen to do so, just restart your Club Penguin Island game or app and you’ll be back to being a member again.

Connection error on first sign-in: This means you provided us with the wrong Disney username. Please send us a message as soon as you can and we’ll be in touch to help.

Party Blasters and Piñatas float in the air: That’s an intended feature! Just kidding! We’re still working on that, but at the same time… isn’t it fun seeing them just hang around up there?

Found a bug that isn’t listed here? Let us know on Twitter!

Questions and answers

What is Club Penguin Island Forever? Club Penguin Island Forever is a game server for Club Penguin Island. That means, we’ve created something to allow you to waddle around with your friends again, but your penguin data from when Club Penguin Island was live is saved by Offline Mode on your device.

When can I join the server? You’ll get a Twitter DM personally welcoming you back to the Island when the server is ready for your arrival.

Why aren’t all features of Club Penguin Island available? Some features are not able to work with a game server alone. Other features we’re still working on, so hang in there! You can still enjoy features not available on our server yet in Offline Mode. We just wanted to see other penguins again!

Can I use Debug Mode to add stuff to my penguin? There isn’t anybody stopping you! This is a server for penguins to play with each other again, and since your penguin data belongs to you in Offline Mode (and not on our server), you can use Debug Mode to add whatever you’d like to. Why walk all the way to Franky’s for pizza when it’s just a click away?

Why do I have to sign in with Twitter? Signing in with Twitter on our website is provided as a secure, convenient way to identify yourself when registering your penguin on our website. We make sure your account follows @CPIslandForever, to ensure that we can send you a Direct Message with further instructions, however we make no updates to your profile, post any tweets or use the permissions granted for any other purpose.

My child is under 13 but would like to play. How can we join the server? We’re happy to discuss this with you, so don’t complete the registration process yet. Please reach out to us on Twitter and we’ll be on hand to help.

Why am I getting a Connection Error? There could be many reasons for this. You could be signing in with a different Disney username to what you provided us with, or your account may be banned for bad language. Get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to help.

What are the other Network settings for? The team included other settings in Debug Mode to fully reconnect the game again, however we have decided that it is best for Offline Mode to handle your penguin data rather than us.

Pineapple on pizza? I really don’t mind it.

Really? Pineapple? Well, yeah. Try it!

NEVER! Then you’ll never know what you may, or may not, be missing out on.

Need help with Club Penguin Island Forever… or pineapple pizza? Get in touch with us on Twitter!