Finish your Windows installation

We’re so excited to have you join us on Club Penguin Island Forever!

The installer for Club Penguin Island 1.13.0 on Windows doesn’t create a shortcut on your desktop, so we’ve got a quick set of handy instructions to help you do just that so you can come back to the game to play again!

  1. Go to your Desktop.
  2. Right-click on an empty space on your Desktop.
  3. In the menu that pops up, hover over New then click on Shortcut.
  4. The shortcut creation wizard will pop-up and ask you for a path!

Here’s where things get a little bit more complicated. Your path depends on the language of your computer and the language you installed the game in. For most people, those will be the same.

Copy and paste the path for your language from the list below!

  • English: C:\Program Files (x86)\Club Penguin Island\ClubPenguinIsland.exe
  • Spanish: C:\Archivos de programa (x86)\Isla de Club Penguin\ClubPenguinIsland.exe
  • Portuguese: C:\Arquivos de Programas (x86)\Ilha do Club Penguin\ClubPenguinIsland.exe
  • French: C:\Programmes (x86)\L’Île de Club Penguin\ClubPenguinIsland.exe

We’ve only been able to test this for English installations! If you play in another language and are having trouble, please get in touch!

After this, hit Next and choose a name for your shortcut. This bit’s easy – we think CP Island is a good name for your new shortcut. Hit Finish and the game is ready for you to come back to! Waddle on!


WARNING: Known issue with Jackpot and Quick Jackpot in Debug Mode. Please be careful to not use these features in Debug Mode otherwise your Designer will be broken! You can use Max Level, Set Coins, etc. to restore progress in a similar and safer way.

I’m not able to access The Designer to change my outfit! This is an issue we are aware of with new Windows installations. We’ve heard that creating a new penguin and continuing your progress there, or re-installing the game, can help with this issue.

I downloaded the game and played before the closure on December 20th and I’m stuck on a blue screen! We have a handy guide for this situation too! If you waddle on over to this guide on our other site, The Islanders, you’ll get the instructions you need.

I downloaded the launcher after the closure on December 20th and I’m stuck on a blue screen! There is no need to install the launcher after the closure – a network error occurs due to all Club Penguin Island websites now redirecting to Please uninstall Club Penguin Island’s launcher from Control Panel > Programs and Features, and then re-install the game with the installer we’ve provided you with.

I don’t use Windows! Uh oh, that means you’re in the wrong place! This guide is for users who use Windows and have received our Windows installer. We are also able to help with macOS downloads. If you accidentally selected the wrong one, get in touch with our team.